Q. Who are eligible to participate?

A. Anyone who is over 18 years old can participate in this competition. VFDC 2021 welcomes all creative talent individuals, groups, organizations all across the global to join.

Q. Do I need to be a student major in Architecture or Design, a professional architect or designer or a member of accredited Architecture & Design association to be eligible for this competition?

A. The answer is simply NO. There is no profession specific requirement for this competition. Any current student, graduate, freelance architect or designer or currently working for an architecture firm or design company is all eligible to participate in this competition. An accreditation is not required.

Q. Do I need to have the status of Vietnamese citizenship or residency to participate or not?

A. No. Creativity has no boundaries nor borders. At VinFast we celebrate cultural diversity so we welcome the entries from all over the world as long as the participants are over the age of 18.

Q. I am currently living and working in the country which is not included in the expansion strategy of VinFast. So, do I have to design the creative space based on my own country’s inspiration?

A. No. However, VinFast always encourage participants to celebrate his or her own origin, demonstrate well the unique national and cultural identity in his or her own designs.

Q. Do I need to pay the submission fee?

A. No. This competition is free for all entries and submissions.

Q. How can I participate the Competition?

A. You can participate by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Register your personal details on the official website: vinfastcompettion.com
  • Step 2: Download the Brief and Materials
  • Step 3: Submit your design proposal using the submisison link provided via registered email


Q. Where can I find the Brief and relevant materials?

A. You can download the Brief and Materials

Q. How many entries can I enter for this competition?

A. One participant can submit multiple entries with no limit, however each entry needs to be registered with an unique email address. If it is a group entry, the group representative should designate an email address to register on behalf of the group.

Q. Can I join the multiple groups to participate in this competition?

A. Possible with one note: if it is a group entry, a group representative should designate an email address to register on behalf of the group.


Q. What needs to be included in the Submission?

A. The Submission has no page limit, presented in one PDF document including:

  • A DESIGN PORFOLIO in PDF format (under 10Mb)
  • A DESIGN CONCEPT in PDF format (no length limit) to include the following:
    • The concept, ideas, inspiration, mood & tone, materials selection
    • Design of the reception desk – and a car specs signage
  • A folder of 3D design images with multiple angles of the below three categories:
    • Proposed 2D layout (Minimum area of 30mx20)
    • Overview of the outside space of the standard VinFast 3S showroom
      • Minimum area of 30m x 20m, 2 front-face
      • Maximum height: 15m
    • A standard interior space
      • Minimum area of 10m x 7m
      • Display at least one VinFast car model and the accessories shelves.
    • A creative display space
      • Minimum area of 10m x 7m
      • Display a car in a creative way (for example: installation art, ambience display, etc) to showcase the contestants’ unique style or her/his national culture.
  • Materials:
    • VinFast Logo (AI files)
    • One of VinFast car models (3Dmax files)
    • Color Code
  • 5. A 3D-RENDERED VIDEO to demonstrate the design (optional)


– Requirements for each of 3D image: 3MB – 10MB, 1920pxx1080px min and 200dpi resolution

– Total submission files including the video is under 200 MB

Q. What is the required format of the Submission?

A. The Submission has no page limit, presented in one PDF document. Additionally, the participant can submit a 3D rendered video to demonstrate the design proposal, in the format of mp4, HD quality, this video is optional.

Note:- Requirements for each of 3D image: 3MB – 10MB, 1920pxx1080px min and 200dpi resolution

– Total submission files including the video is under 200 MB

Q. Can I submit my Submission in sketch drawing or not?

A. Yes. You can submit your designs in sketches. However, please note that those sketches need to illustrate 3D in various angles of the showroom and formatted into PDF format as the final submission.

Q. I had a design that won other competition(s)/ was applied into other project(s). Can I submit that design to this competition?

A. NO. The submission needs to be a newly developed concept, an original idea owned by the participant. Any entry that does not meet these criteria will be considered as not qualified for submission.

Q. Can I submit an unpublished design that has never been actualized before to this Competition?

A. Possible. However, you need to ensure that the design can answer the Brief and all requirements of the Competition. Please also note that by joining the competition and agreeing all the terms and conditions, the participant has affirmed the ownership, as main author or co-author in case of a group, of the Submission document. Therefore, the participant is responsible for any intellectual property right related matters including financial compensation, legal dispute with third party if any… etc., without any liabilities occurred to the Organizers.

Q. When is the deadline of the Competition?

A. The submission deadline is the February 25th 2021.


Q. What are the prizes of the Competition?

A. The Prizes are:

ONE (1) x 1st PRIZE

USD 30,000 in cash and a competition certificate from the organizers + USD 10,000 worth design contract (*)

(*) Upon being awarded as the 1st prize and submitting the original working file, she/he is automatically entitled to USD 30,000 prize, and an additional working contract of USD 10,000 (if she/he volunteers) to develop and deliver the detailed technical design files for the whole showroom space within 10 days.

THREE (3) x 2nd PRIZE

USD 3,000 in cash and a competition certificate from the organizers

FIVE (5) x 3rd PRIZE

USD 1,000 in cash and a competition certificate from the organizers


USD 200 in cash and a competition certificate from the organizers


All the 9 awarded proposals will be showcased on billboards at Times Square, New York City, USA

Note: For the top 50 selected ideas, The Organizer will contact the winners to submit the original working files before the prizes are transferred.

Q. How many people are entitled to the prizes?

A. The prize schemes of VFDC 2021 are designed to award the most brilliant design concepts/ideas (not as individuals). VFDC 2021 welcomes all individuals and groups to participants hence no specific limit in number of people to the prizes.

Q. What are the criteria for selecting the winning ideas?

A. All submissions will be randomly grouped and anonymously evaluated by the Jury Board based on the 3 sets of criteria as following:Brand inspiration: The work clearly demonstrates the spirit, core values, and the brand positioning of VinFast Global (as stated in The Brief)

Efficiency and Feasibility:The work can easily be developed and finetuned to meet VinFast’ Global Showroom standards (in terms of cost, ease of production and efficiency of space usage). Our construction budget ranges from USD 1.000 – 1.300/ sqm

Creativity and Individuality: The work showcases the designer’s / architect’s unique style (while following the VinFast color and spirit)

Q. When to expect the results?

A. The results of the Competition will be announced on the March, 25th 2021. The actual timing of the announcement could vary depending on the actual deliberation process of the Jury Board. Participants will be notified via email if any changes of announcement timing.

Q. If I was the 1st prize winner, am I obliged to take the USD 10,000 contract to develop the detailed technical designs for the entire showroom?

A. NO. For the 1st prize winner, you are entitled to receive USD 30,000 in cash and certificate from the Organizers and partners. The USD 10,000 contract is additional and optional for you to consider to develop the detailed technical designs of the entire Global Showroom in 10 days.

Q. How would I receive the prizes if being awarded?

A. The Organizers will contact the winners and proceed the cash awards via bank transfer.

Q. Do I have to pay any fee to receive the prizes?

A. The individual or group that being awarded with cash prizes is responsible for declaring, registering and performing tax duty on those prizes according to the laws of the country of the prize holders. The Organizers is responsible for the transfer fee of those prizes.

Q. If I have any question regarding to the Brief, Submission Requirements and Criteria of the Competition, how can I contact for clarification?

A. The participant can email the Organizers via this email address: info@vinfastcompetition.com for further assistance.